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Welcome to the We Are The Blogfest. This Blog is an about spreading the love.

There are many an oasis of love and light out there, stories that show compassion and the resilience of the human spirit. Sharing these stories increases our awareness of hope in our increasingly dark world.

Your co-hosts for this month are:

Simon Falk, Andrea Michaels, Shilpa Garg  

and me.  My name is Sylvia Stein,

For this month’s post, I decided to focus on a story I saw and read about through the Human Kind Stories on Facebook.

You know how we have heard the saying, ” Treat others as you would like to be treated,” while I have also added the phrase, spread kindness in the title of my post.

One of the main reasons is that this is the story of Jordan the Grocery store employee’s whose message of compassion is making on huge impact and went viral when he helped 17-year-old Jack Ryan who is autistic help him place orange juices he was placed on to the store’s refrigerator.

It all began when Jack Ryan and his father went into the store and saw Jordan and upon talking with him.  Jordan asked him if he wanted to help him, and Jack was pointing at what he was doing.  So then Jordan decided to work with him and for about 30 minutes and his father could not believe what he was seeing.

” I am watching a miracle in action!” said the father with excitement.

As his older sister recounts Jack who began to help stock the shelves on the refrigerator had never done that before.

She states, ” At first my father and Jordan thought Jack wanted orange juice so they placed it on the basket because he does become fixated on things. ”  However as she continues,   ” But Jack kept pointing and they go all across the store and then this is when Jordan asked him if he would like to help him.”

This is when Jack repeated the words, ” Help me Help me!”

Delaney and all her family were so proud of her brother Jack Ryan and they were so grateful to the kindness that Jordan extended to him.

As she continues,  ” Jordan showed kindness and acceptance and she has never met such a kind and awesome 20 year old.”

She ended by saying she didn’t think it was the first time Jordan had done that because of the calmness he expressed.

This story moved me because not only did Jordan showed kindness to Jack Ryan but it turns out he had extended the same compassion to someone else.   Jordan had also been kind to a woman named Ashlea who has a 5-year-old daughter who suffers from Cerebral Palsy on her left side and one day was having a meltdown at the same store.

Then Jordan talked to her and he helped calm her down.

Just like Delaney, Ashlea stated, how there are compassionate and genuinely kind human beings.”

Furthermore,  due to Jack Ryan’s father who caught this on Camera.  “It helped spread a message of being inclusive in the workplace.”

In addition, the grocery store has since offered Jack Ryan a part-time job.

Finally, this is a story that really touched my heart because it showed how one young man’s compassion for another person who happens to have a disability did not prevent him from treating him as he wanted to be treated and spread kindness because it is magic.














11 thoughts on “” Treat others Kindly… Kindness is Magic.”

  1. Hi Sylvia – I’d seen this briefly elsewhere .. but you’ve let us read about it in a lovely way that brings life to the people and the compassion shown … it’s great – thank you … cheers Hilary

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