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In the Artists Realm with Sylvia Stein Happy 1st day of November: Sharing the excerpts of my Thriller Battered Mind.


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Happy to be back to In the Artists Realm:  I am starting the show by sharing excerpts of my new Book, Battered Mind My  Thriller coming out next year: 


All Excerpts:  Intro Poem,  Sadie November,  Sadie Revelations Reprise, Anna The one true Friend All copyright by Sylvia Stein 2019.   


Also Recapped on the book:  Crafting Dynamic Dialogue by the Editors of Writers Digest. 




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Student with Autism Who rarely speaks gives inspirational graduation speech


Hello I am Sylvia Stein,   Welcome to another post by the We are the World Blogfest   #WATWB Family, my -hosts for today are Eric Lahti, Shilpa Garg and Lizbeth Hartz.

For this week,  I decided to share on a story which came out in USA today in June 2018.   The article is entitled, ” Student with autism who rarely speaks gives inspirational graduation speech.”

The student’s name is Sef Scott.    ” Sef knew he was going to do something unexpected when he addressed the senior class of Plano Senior High at a graduation ceremony on June 9 in Frisco, Texas.”

But as the article states,   ” Normally  he doesn’t choose to speak, he told a crowd gathered in a sports arena that has over more than thousands of seats.”

The main reason is that Sef is a student with learning differences: autism and a social communication disorder.”

He spoke for about six minutes and he was prepared to do the unexpected.

” Sef decided to start his speech with an unlifiting message but he was also able to pepper it with jokes.”     His speech was inspired by his brother who a brain tumor survivor who does speeches to raise money.

Sef’s main message is as he says in his speech.


I loved this story because Sef is a student with Autism who speaks from the heart and the fact that he shares humor and speaks from the heart to his graduation class.    But I love how he said, ” Sef said he worked with family to craft his graduation speech word-by-word. He wanted to inspire people in the audience to follow his example: Do the unexpected.”

In conclusion,  Sef’s main message is as he says in his speech.   ” Are your next steps where you want to go?” he asked.  ” Don’t follow someone else’s dreams.. do the unexpected and don’t follow someone else dreams but follow your own path!”    

He truly is an inspration.


Dad Bikes 1,400 Miles to hear his daughter’s heart on Father’s day… #WATWB

Welcome to my fourth official “We are the World Blogfest” (#WATWB ) post. The #WATWB was inspired by a simple conversation about how all the negativity on social media was weighing on us. Wanting to make a difference we decided to try to do our part to infuse social media with all the good stories that are out there. We hope to share the stories that show kindness, compassion, hope, overcoming challenges and in general, the impressive resilience of the human spirit. For every dark, negative story out there, there is a positive, heartwarming story that will add some light and lift the human spirit.  Each month I bring to you the We Are the World Blogfest, along with these fabulous co-hosts:I hope everyone is doing well and having a fantastic June. Our next #WATWB post is just around the corner and I thought I would get a head start.   On this week’s post our hosts are:
Lynn Hallbrooks, Michelle Wallace,
myself Sylvia Stein, Sylvia McGrath and Belinda Witzenhausen

For this week’s post on We Are the World Blog Fest I have one that is emotional but beautiful.   I will begin with an excerpt from it.

“It had been five months since Bill Conner suddenly lost his 20-year-old daughter, Abbey, and he felt like he had to do something to honor her short life.So, on May 22, a day after his son, Austin, graduated from college, Conner hopped on a bike and began riding across the country.”

Then Mr. Conner decided that the best way to honor his beloved daughter Abby was by traveling 2,600 Miles – from his hometown of Madison, Wisconsin, To Fort Lauderdale, Florida- to visit Broward Health Medical center which was the hospital that recovered Abbey’s organs for donation back in January 2017.

You see Abby Conner had registered as an organ donor since she was 16 years of age.

“She registered. It’s something that she knew a long time ago. Unfortunately, it came to fruition, but that’s Abbey,” Conner said. “If you had her as a friend she always had your back, and for her to be helping people in need — that fits who she is.”

However, as the Conner’s were dealing with the loss of their beloved daughter another family was dealing with their own heartbreak. Their own 21 year old son in another state by the name of Loumonth Jack Jr. had suffered a heart attack and was told his days were numbered.

It would take a miracle to save him. Abbey donated 4 organs to four men among them Loumonth Jack Jr.

As a way to honor his daughter Abbey, Bill Conner, the Florida donation board he would be riding on her behalf and was given the contact info for each of them.

“The only person who has responded at this point is Jack Jr., the heart recipient,” Conner said.

He also added upon meeting Jack. ” He’s a really humble kid, respectful and he has an old soul.”

” After sharing a minute-long hug, Jack pulled out a stethoscope so Conner could hear his daughter’s heartbeat for the first time since she died in January. Listening carefully, surrounded by Jack’s friends and family, Conner heard the thumping. Both men began to tear up.”

In Conclusion, I think this story touched me because Bill Conner was able to take a tragic event from the loss of his daughter and turning it into a place of healing knowing that she saved others by being a donor and him being able to hear her beating heart on Father’s day.


In the Artists Realm by Sylvia Stein presents: Chapter 6: The Source of Great Dialogue by Author Elizabeth Sims Part II


On today’s episode of In the Artists Realm by Sylvia Stein I dive right into Chapter 6 by Author Elizabeth Sims in part II of Crafting Dynamic Dialogue:  The Complete Guide to Speaking Conversing, Arguing, and thinking in Fiction.   


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America: Civil War II by upcoming Author Francine Weagle

Hello everyone I know it’s been awhile but I am back to blogging on wordpress and I am going to kick it off This Friday by kicking off a campaign for my author friend who is set to be releasing her first debut dystopian novel.  Her name is Francine Weagle.  I hope you enjoy! 
Francine Lee W. is a writer, poet, assistant editor and poetry mentor for Coffee House Writers. As a lover of books and information she is currently working on her master’s degree in new media journalism while working on her first novel, to be published this December 2019. Francine loves the ocean, photography and life in Georgia with her fur babies and family.
My novel is about a multicultural group of people in hiding. For eighteen years they have been working towards a common goal. Now, in a world torn apart by war and climate change, it’s time for them to use their project to save the country. I wrote this novel to appeal to diverse adult readers. My book will publish in December 2019.

Story of My Book

America: CivilWar II is a book inspired by modern America’s civil breakdown tearing us apart by ideals, race, religion and gender. In this novel the worst has happened, and now a diverse group of people who never set out to be heroes are working together to save the country from war and climate change.

My name is Francine Lee W. and I am the author of America: Civil War II. I wrote this book because our country seems to be dividing as much as people are trying to pull together. I believe that sometimes fictitious worlds can open minds and bring people together.

In this book, you’ll learn that:

Not all heroes try to be a hero. Sometimes the most unlikely person can do something amazing.

No matter your circumstances, you are always capable of doing something that makes a difference.

No one is indispensable. Whether we lack faith in ourselves or allow other people’s opinions to control us, if we just believe in ourselves we have the ability to be a hero in our own right.

You will love this book if you love a diversity of heroes and characters, love dystopian novels, and believe in the power of the common person.

America: Civil War IIis a fiction book that speaks to adult and young adult readers who are looking for diversity and inspiration that can go from fantasy to inspiring reality.

The Book – America Civil War II

The Book is Written in Five Parts

In Part 1, you meet our heroine, Scheherazade, and watch her fall from the top surgeon in climate torn New York City to a badly injured and mentally disturbed woman who has given up on all but revenge against those who wronged her and her family. You also meet her heroes who are about to change her life again.

In Part 2, The Island, as Scheherazade, our heroine, calls Manhattan is about to be utterly consumed and destroyed. Scher must choose between trusting total strangers or risking dying alone in a city full of people who want her dead.

In Part 3, Scher learns more about her new companions as they face battles and villains who want to kill them for the knowledge and technology they have to save the country. With their lives constantly in danger our heroes lean on each other’s specific skills and talents to survive and keep moving to safety.

In Part 4, the final battle is fifteen against many. They cannot win unless each of these different heroes, with their own family members, friends, and motivations can pull together and fight, some willing to pay the ultimate price for the benefit of people who may be fighting against their rights as a person.

In Part 5, those who survive mourn those they lost, but there is little time to rest. The world needs saving. Scher and the heroes must now join another group of people and trust them to help further their project.

What I Need & What You’ll Get

This book will be published with New Degree Press. I set up the pre-order tiers to help cover the costs for publishing my book. Money raised will go towards the following:

The Editor I will work with to revise and publish my manuscript in December 2019.

The Cover Design of my Book – the mockups you see currently are a placeholder!

The Layout Design for the interior of my book (Physical Copy, Ebook Formats)

The Copyediting for My Book – to help polish the grammar and spelling prior to publication

The Launch & Promotion Efforts for my book – when I ultimately publish this winter.

When I pre-sell 100 copies of my book, I will publish. When I pre-sell 150 copies of my book, I will also publish an audiobook. When I pre-sell 200 copies of my book, I will publish a hardcover edition.




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Crafting Dynamic Dialogue: Chapter 6 The Source of Great Dialogue


In this episode of In the artists realm with Sylvia Stein I dive into Part II of Great Dialogue and start on Chapter 6 The Source of Great Dialogue by author Elizabeth Sims.    

All of this through the book, Crafting Dynamic Dialogue:  The Complete Guide to Speaking, Conversing, Arguing, and Thinking in Fiction by the Editors of Writer’s Digest.  


Foreword by Cheryl St. John.   

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Author Announcements and news for in the artists realm.   



In the Artists Realm with Sylvia Stein: Crafting Dynamic Dialogue Chapter 5


In this episode I cover Chapter 5 Strengthen Your Dialogue by Author Jerry Cleaver taken from the book by Crafting Dynamic Dialogue:  The Complete Guide to Speaking, Conversing, Arguing, and thinking in Fiction:  From the Editors of Writer’s Digest Foreword by Cheryl St. John 


Excerpt of my book Chasing Clarity by Sylvia Stein. 


Announcements:  Talking about my hiatus, Family books and Authors


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