In the Artists Realm with Sylvia Stein Presents: El Mundo De La Farandula Hablando de Luis Miguel La Serie Temporada 1 episodio 1 y 2

This new live cast podcasting will be all about Luis Miguel the series season 1 and 2.   I will be doing the live cast all in Spanish recapping all the episodes about this amazing and groundbreaking series about one of the most talented and amazing latin American singers of our time.   Learn about Luis Miguel the series.   The Series is available through Netflix.    The music on the Live Cast podcast all provided all by Garage Band.   

Defying the Odds #WATWB

Extraordinary ways to serve others #WATWB

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Hey everyone welcome to another monthly post of We are the Blog Fest #WATWB. My co-hosts for this week are  Eric Lahti, Roshan Radhakrishnan , Shilpa GargPeter Nena and I am  Sylvia Stein.

For this weeks article, I am focusing on a story that I read through living waters for the where they focus on true and inspiration stories for compassionate communities. I was really taken by this story because it came out through extraordinary times as we deal with the effects of covid 19 and what it has done to to help others around the world step up.

For example, ” In extraordinary times, people will find extraordinary ways to serve. One beautiful example can be found in the village of Santa Rita de Oriente, Honduras. The team that operates the community’s Living Waters for the World (LWW) water purification system is using funds from their water sales to help struggling families in new ways.”

On April 2nd Sandra Aly from Santa Rita de Oriente posted the following to the Honduran water site WhatsApp group:”The purifier of Santa Rita de Oriente, Santa Barbara, used proceeds from the sale of water to donate food to the most needy families in the community because of the situation we are experiencing.

Furthermore in 2018, “this rural village partnered with an LWW volunteer team from Virginia to install a water purification system that could make their contaminated water safe to drink.”

In conclusion, “They installed the system in a central location to provide affordable, clean water for the entire community.   In addition, “During the coronavirus pandemic struck, they allocated 60% of their water profits to pay for food and necessities for struggling families.”

One of the main reasons I loved these story is because this organization has partnered with other Honduran water companies and they have found inspiration in Santa Rita de Oriente’s generosity. It is just amazing to see so many extraordinary people come together and help each other and lean on one another and help others.

This is a wonderful organization that helps many people all over the world.