Icu Grandpa: Meet the man who comforts preemie babies

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Hello everyone and Happy New Year 2020!   We are the World Blogfest. I hope everyone is having an amazing one.    Here is another post for this month.  I am Sylvia Stein and my other co-hosts for this month are: Damyanti Biswas, Shilpa Garg,   Mary J. Giese and Lizbeth Hartz

I read this story and saw the video through Humankind Stories.   It talked about a volunteer known as ICU Grandpa who volunteers at the children’s healthcare of Atlanta’s NICU and PICU units.    His name is David Deutchman and he has been a volunteer at the hospital for about 12 years now.

Deutchman states, ”  He gets more out of it than the babies do.”   He continues by saying, ” It has been wonderful to come and be with these babies and it gives him something to do that has meaning.

The staff at the hospital also appreciate his warm presence.  ” His just a really special person to us the nurses and our babies just adore him,” stated one of the nurses.

This story impacted me when I first saw it because of the fact that this man dedicates his time to these preemie babies who need to be held.   Especially for all the parents who are going through that to have someone like him be there for them.

The human kind video states,  ”  We know his time with them has surely made an impact, it definitely helps helping them feel that comfort and warmth.”

The Nurse adds,  ” I think his presence does help the babies grow faster and put on weight and we are so grateful to have him as part of our unit to be a baby buddy, we treasure him.”

I think we could all dedicate our time more just like this “Treasure Grandpa.”



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In the Artists Realm with Sylvia Stein Happy 1st day of November: Sharing the excerpts of my Thriller Battered Mind.

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Happy to be back to In the Artists Realm:  I am starting the show by sharing excerpts of my new Book, Battered Mind My  Thriller coming out next year: 


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Student with Autism Who rarely speaks gives inspirational graduation speech

Hello I am Sylvia Stein,   Welcome to another post by the We are the World Blogfest   #WATWB Family, my -hosts for today are Eric Lahti, Shilpa Garg and Lizbeth Hartz.

For this week,  I decided to share on a story which came out in USA today in June 2018.   The article is entitled, ” Student with autism who rarely speaks gives inspirational graduation speech.”

The student’s name is Sef Scott.    ” Sef knew he was going to do something unexpected when he addressed the senior class of Plano Senior High at a graduation ceremony on June 9 in Frisco, Texas.”

But as the article states,   ” Normally  he doesn’t choose to speak, he told a crowd gathered in a sports arena that has over more than thousands of seats.”

The main reason is that Sef is a student with learning differences: autism and a social communication disorder.”

He spoke for about six minutes and he was prepared to do the unexpected.

” Sef decided to start his speech with an unlifiting message but he was also able to pepper it with jokes.”     His speech was inspired by his brother who a brain tumor survivor who does speeches to raise money.

Sef’s main message is as he says in his speech.


I loved this story because Sef is a student with Autism who speaks from the heart and the fact that he shares humor and speaks from the heart to his graduation class.    But I love how he said, ” Sef said he worked with family to craft his graduation speech word-by-word. He wanted to inspire people in the audience to follow his example: Do the unexpected.”

In conclusion,  Sef’s main message is as he says in his speech.   ” Are your next steps where you want to go?” he asked.  ” Don’t follow someone else’s dreams.. do the unexpected and don’t follow someone else dreams but follow your own path!”    

He truly is an inspration.