Here’s a little bit about my cover designer


Hello, this is Indie Author Sylvia Stein and I have exciting news.  This week I am doing the cover reveal of my book which I hope will be released in late 2018.    I have been working on this book for awhile.  It is a story I have been doing extensive research on.  It is a work of fiction and for today I will be revealing the book cover which was designed by the very talented and amazing Michael Dangremond and his title of his artwork The Cost of love.   When I saw this portrait I immediately saw what I was looking for for my main character of Sadie Martin Carlyle.   The title of this my first thriller is Battered Mind and I hope you all enjoy the cover reveal.   I absolutely was blown away by it.  I hope you are too!  Thank you for your help on the cover reveal.   I do appreciate it so much.     Here is a little bit about my cover designer.



Thank you so much,

Sylvia Stein

My name is Michael Dangremond and I am a self-taught artist. My professional Media is tattooing. I’ve been involved in art for the better span of my life. I grew up in a small town called Hopkins in the state of Michigan. Growing up had its challenges and equally; it’s lessons. After high school I lived in Grand Rapids, Michigan to begin a career in the culinary arts. After bouncing from kitchen to kitchen and climbing the ladder, I decided to reinvest myself in the art my heart called me to pursue. I am happily married to my wife, Alanna and we are blessed with a daughter, Sophia This story of mine continues as I grow in my passion for my brand of art.


Here is where you can find his work:

Instagram:  Mykaldangerous

Michael Dangremond and his lovely wife Alanna Dangremond

The Cost of Love Artwork:   Battered Mind by Sylvia Stein cover designed by Michael Dangremond.   Copyright 2017

Concept 2


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