Share an excerpt Tuesday: Coping: Meet Andres 2017

It is time for another Share an excerpt Tuesday.   I hope you enjoy another character for my story,  ” Coping.

Andres  age 25




It was another late night for Andres Rojas.  He had worked the long shift at the club as the new opening act on Thursday night.


Andres had worked hard at the club as a bartender and as one of the waiters when they were shorthanded.



For now, his only concern was making his big debut on Thursday.   However, as he strummed his guitar in the back room old ghosts began taking over his mind.


It was five years earlier.   Andres was arguing with a woman.


She stormed off.    He ran out to reach to her but it did not seem to matter.


He kept telling her he was sorry but she still left.


In the present Andres kept playing his guitar and then began singing his song.


“Sometimes sorry is not enough, and you must carry the guilt with you every night and no matter how much time has gone by, I wish I could take it back.”


Once Andres got done with his song.    He packed his guitar and began walking out the door.


His walk home was not long.   He was renting one of the apartments near the club.    Besides he knew Alberto his cousin and his brother Tomas would be waiting for him to get some drinks and go and enjoy a night of cards.


He would be the only one not drinking.   Besides, it was being a drunk that caused all his problems.


He would be sober a year.


I need to be sure not to mess my break up.

 I need to be clear for my big break. 





Copyright 2017 Sylvia Stein  








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