Share an Excerpt Tuesday Meet Gertie Continued


Share an excerpt Tuesday Meet Gertie Continued


Coping 2017   Meet Gertie   by Sylvia Stein


Ana Gabriel 9808

Hello this is Indie Author Sylvia Stein and for today I am continuing on my post of the Share an excerpt Tuesday and I hope you all have been enjoying my WIP, Coping.  Here is the continuation of Meeting Gertie.

Gertie 30

While Gertie remained outside the restaurant. She heard a voice hollering at her.

“ Gertie, we have a long shift ahead again today.”

Gertie took a big sigh and came back inside.

Max the cook had called her back inside. He did not want her to get hollered at by Vic their boss.

After all, Max really liked Gertie but he was too shy to let her know.

All he wanted was for her to be happy. She worked so hard and those in the town of Duncan knew all that she earned went towards helping her ailing father.

However, the owner of the restaurant Vic was way harsh with Gertie. He overworked her too much and sometimes Gertie felt like quitting but she knew it would hurt her father.

So, for now, work would have to take over and her dreams of another life would have to wait.

Sadly inside Gertie was holding a secret. She kept to herself.

It was filled with sadness and depression.

Each night that her work ended and she headed to care for her dad.

Gertie would go outside and drink her sorrows away with tequila.  It wasn’t every night but when she drank it was excessive.

Alcohol seemed to numb the pain.

She knew it was wrong.

But when she closed her eyes.

Gertie could envision her lying in the middle of a field covered with wild flowers as she walked right through it as she dreamt of the life in college that she never got.

Daddy must come first!

He needs me.

Then she overheard Vic hollering from the back.

” Coming Vic,” she replied.

Not sure how much longer I can do this.  

Lord help me find a way. 

She dried her tears.  Then Gertie took a deep breath and went about her day.

Join us next week for another Share an excerpt Tuesday.










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