For the love of my brother, ( #WATWB)

Welcome to my fifth official “We are the World Blogfest” (#WATWB ) post. The #WATWB was inspired by a simple conversation about how all the negativity on social media was weighing on us. Wanting to make a difference we decided to try to do our part to infuse social media with all the good stories that are out there. We hope to share the stories that show kindness, compassion, hope, overcoming challenges and in general, the impressive resilience of the human spirit. For every dark, negative story out there, there is a positive, heartwarming story that will add some light and lift the human spirit.  Each month we bring to you the We Are the World Blogfest, along with these fabulous co-hosts:Simon Falk, Roshan Radhakrishnan, Inderpreet Uppal, Damyanti Biswas and myself Sylvia Stein.

For this week’s post, I decided to focus ona family piece. I read this story and also viewed it on Inside Edition.   For me, Family is the most important and I am sure it is for many of us.  When I read about this story and also saw the video I was moved to tears of joy.

I read about this young boy named Dawson  8 years old who was being adopted by The Brydges of Jacksonville Florida.  However, what made it even more special for him was the fact that the Brydges decided to also adopt his older brother Dalton who has cerebral palsy and also suffers from Epilepsy.  “I wanted to keep my brother, so what I did was pray and pray for many years,” Dawson told, “I was like, ‘I hope that they’re going to adopt Dalton too.’”

This was so important to Dawson.   He wanted his brother to be adopted with him.  So he waited to see after the Brydges discussed Dalton’s special needs.   As Robin Brydges later stated,  “ the most important thing for us was to keep the brothers together.

She also added, ““Dalton has made leaps and bounds from when we first got him.” The Brydges also stated how Dawson works so hard in school and is always looking after his brother. Dawson added: “I was so excited they were adopting Dalton and me so that we can stay together., I thought that was pretty awesome.”

As I read this story I thought how amazing it was to have a child like Dawson care so deeply for his brother.   So much that he prayed that both of them would get adopted and he did not want to ever be separated from him.   This story was such a happy one to read because now both boys are in a loving and happy home thanks to the Brydges and the love of one little boy towards his older brother.  In the end love again conquered all.




28 thoughts on “For the love of my brother, ( #WATWB)

  1. That is very inspiring, not many would be ready to do this and as you said the strength of their brotherly love is pretty amazing. Thanks for sharing this!

  2. First of all, thank you, Sylvia, for co-hosting the blog fest. I am really touched by the story of the Brydges. It is amazing how these stories of kindness and humanity and love are never shared on social media and the Internet. I’m glad that now I am a part of this blog fest and help to spread some positivity at least once a month.

    1. Thank you for co-hosting as well Sharuk Bamboat, Yes this story made me tear up with joy by the amazing heart of the Brydges but especially from the amazing love of dawson for his brother Dalton Loved this so much, yes I am a part of this amazing blogfest for the same reason to spread positivity at least once a month!

  3. The Brydges are very special people who adopted two very special boys. I have a feeling Dawson and Dalton will both make a very special mark on this world and will be the kind of people that moves society in a positive direction.

  4. Hi Sylvia – what an amazing lad … so brilliant he loved his brother so much – incredible and teh joys of life to the two kids and to the Brydges … so generous and so thoughtful all round. Delighted the kids stayed together … cheers Hilary

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