Share an excerpt Tuesday, “Coping: Meet Gertie


Here is the next part of my story Coping on This Share an excerpt Tuesday.   Now it is time to meet Gertie.



Gertie 30

Gertie stood outside of the back door of the restaurant.   She held her hands together and closed her eyes in prayer form.

Lord give me strength. 

I do not know how much more I can endure. 

As tears filled her eyes.   She could hear the echoes of all that was wrong in her life.

Gertie recalled her past.   She was only 16 years of age when her stepmother had kicked her out.

Her Dad never had a backbone and ever since her mom passed when she was only 8 years of age nothing was ever the same,

Thankfully, Gertie’s father never allowed her stepmother to kick her out but he did ask her to get a job if she wanted to live with them.

This is when Gertie applied at the local diner near her home in San Angelo Texas.    She only worked part time but quickly moved up to full time when she graduated from high school.

Gertie had so many dreams about attending a great college. After all her grades were over the top and her counselors encouraged her to take her SAT’s.   They also had scholarships available.   She was so excited about her prominent future.

Sadly,  as Gertie planned her new life away.    Her father suffered a stroke.   Gertie began feeling guilt.

I can’t just leave my dad.  Can I? 

Unfortunately, she did not get a chance to make that choice.    Once her father fell ill.  Her Stepmother got up one day and never came back.

He was devastated.

” I am so alone again!” he cried.

” I am here Dad.”

Gertie held his hand.

” Thank you Gertie, Thank you.”

Gertie thought that eventually she could get back to her own life.   After all her dad was doing so much better.   However as time went on and years passed. He began needing more care.

This is when Gertie began working many long hours and eventually became the manager of the local diner in San Angelo.

This was not the plan Gertie envisioned for her own life.   Howevever she loved her Dad and no matter all the pain he had placed upon her she knew family had to come first.

Dad needs me. 

Meanwhile in her own personal life Gertie had met someone.  At first he seemed kind and generous but over time he grew to be overly possessive and jealous.   All he did was verbally abuse her each time.

All of this torment began taking a toll on her.    It was not enough she was caring for her ailing father but now the person she thought would love her was only hurting her.

One day Gertie decided enough was enough.   She began applying at other local diners.

She had saved enough money to have a nurse come in to help with her dad and he also began receiving some of his medical benefits from his own job.

In the present moment tears began rolling down her face.


I hope you enjoyed meeting Gertie.   Until next time join us for another WIP of Coping on Share an excerpt Tuesday.



Coping  by Sylvia Stein 2017.







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