EXCITING NEWS: The Rafflecopter has been extended from June 27- July 28, 2017



Hello, everyone.  This is Indie Author Sylvia Stein and I have exciting news.  On October 27-28 I will be participating in an amazing book event thanks to the fabulous and very talented author Rachael Brownell and so many other wonderful authors through the Great Lakes Book Bash which will be in Kalamazoo Michigan this October 2017.   I signed up for this event two years ago through my wonderful PA Nathalie Raven and it is hard to believe it is coming up here in a few more months.   It is for this reason I have set up an amazing Rafflecopter which begins at midnight on June 27, 2017, all through July 6, 2017.    I will also be making some announcements on my podcast this week.   I hope you all participate because you will have a chance to win two Rock Star Passes to this amazing Book Event.    The winner will be announced on July 6, 2017.   I also have some audio books of my latest book,  The Diary of a Broken Father, Amazon card, and a Starbuck’s card.  Best of luck everyone.  Remember the Rafflecopter begins at midnight July 27, 2017.

a Rafflecopter giveaway






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