Coping Continued Copyright 2017

Hello, everyone, it is again Tuesday and I am sharing another excerpt from my fictional story Coping.

Today we are continuing on Eric’s story.


Coping Eric 30

Dammit, now I am late!

Shit, I am never going to hear the end of this one.

Eric got out of his car and quickly ran inside to clock in. He was just about to walk out the door to get to his work duties when he heard a loud crash just outside the doors.

What the hell?

“ Attention everyone, we must evacuate the building it appears there is a small fire in the back warehouse!

“ I repeat!” called out the voice on the intercom.

Wow, a fire!

Just then he ran into his boss.

“  Eric, can you please make sure everyone gets out safely, luckily no one was in the warehouse when the fire began but I still have a ton of stuff I need to do and fill out with the insurance company.”

“ Sure thing Mr. Rhodes.”

“ Thank you, I have to step out and check out the damages to the warehouse so I am leaving you in charge, just take roll call and then send everyone home.”

“ Yes, Sir.”

“ Tell everyone this will be a paid day and we will see everyone tomorrow morning and that includes you.”

“ Sure thing Mr. Rhodes.”

As Eric walked out the door he noticed the sun was now out. He could not help but smile.

Man, I have to say. This has turned out to be a great day for me.

Eric couldn’t believe what was happening. Not only was he not in trouble for being late but this accident had even shown that Mr. Rhodes valued him. After all, he had been working as the Manager of the leading Tool Supply house for about 3 years now. He did not want to mess it up. This was the first steady job he had kept.

Thank you, God, After all the disaster I put myself in I just want to be able to make a go of my life again.

Trust me there is no looking back to the past.

Be sure to check out next week’s blog post for more of Coping.   We will meet another new character.

Coping by Sylvia Stein 2017


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