Coping – Continued Copyright 2017

Hello everyone,   Here is the next section of my story Coping And share an excerpt Tuesday meet Eric.


Eric  30

Eric stepped outside with the downpouring rain coming at him with massive thundering.     There was a storm brewing and you could see it from the dark clouds in the sky.    He was in a hurry to get to work this morning.

Shit!  I can’t be late today.

Just my rotten luck! 

Things hadn’t been easy for him.  It just seemed that no matter how hard he tried to keep himself out of trouble    It just followed him everywhere he went.  This wasn’t all his fault.    Not to make any excuses for him.   But it appeared that from a young age Eric had been destined for hardships.  For one thing, his mother abandoned Eric and his brother Randy at a very young age.   Eric was 8, and Randy was only 4 years of age.     Only Eric knew his father.   His Father was a drunk and he spent most of the time at bars spending all of the money he earned from working.

This all took a toll on their mother.   She could not deal with having to work two jobs, taking care of them and also having to dig a grown man from bars every night. One day she kicked him out.   Eric recalled that night.

She was home sick with the two boys.  Randy was a baby and running a fever.    Eric had to call a cab to take them to the hospital.

He was only 4 years old.   But his father was nowhere to be found.   After they came back early the next morning.   His mother stormed into the living room and kicked him out.

Get out of here! 

We don’t need you, you miserable excuse for a man!

In the present, Eric kept driving.

I need to get to work on time! 

I just need to get there!

I hope you enjoyed the next part of my excerpt.     Until next time!

Coping by Sylvia Stein   2017


pic by Unsplash


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