Excerpt Tuesday: Coping – continued – copyright 2017 by Sylvia Stein

Hey everyone.  This is Indie Author Sylvia Stein.   Today is Tuesday and just like last week here is more of my next short excerpt of a story I am working on which is called Coping.    I shared an excerpt of the first part last week.  I hope you like it.

Once Alice went out the door the flashbacks of the past began to overtake her.

She began tearing up as she got into her car.

It was a few years earlier and Alice thought she had found the love of her life.   After all she had met Sebatian at college.  They both attended The University of Texas at Brownsville.    From the very start they both kept bumping into one another with the many classes they had together.   It was clear that they both had an undeniable chemistry.    Sebastian would always stare at Alice and she did the same with him.  It was not too long after the school year started that they both began dating.

Sebastian asked Alice to be his girlfriend and after 2 years he proposed on Valentines day in front of her family and friends.    Alice had been so busy with school and working part-time.    They barely had anytime to be with each other.  But he planned the proposal in secret.     The engagement was a short one within a year they both married on a little church outside the city of Dallas Texas.    The only people who attended this event were both of their own families and close friends.  It was only about 100 guests.

Alice and Sebastian loved the intimacy of the ceremony.

This is just so perfect, whispered Alice. 

Back in the present Alice could not control her tears.

How could I have been so blind? 

I am such an idiot!

Stupid! Stupid!

As she scolder herself in the car outside the sky began to get cloudy and it began to rain.  The downpour of it began to hit on her car windows.   Alice pulled off to the side for a moment.   She wanted to wait for the rain to calm a bit.    As she heard the thundering she began to cry once again.

I can’t believe I am still crying over him! 

I don’t know when this pain is going to stop!

Just then her phone began to ring.

Dammit it’s work! 

I am late! 

sam-burriss-249114.jpg  1 .jpg

photo credit by Unsplash Sam Buriss

Coping by Sylvia Stein Copyright 2017

Thank you I hope you enjoyed my short excerpt.  I will be back next Tuesday with a new one.











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