WIP Coping by Sylvia Stein 2017. Share an excerpt Tuesday ❤️💕

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Happy Tuesday everyone. This is Indie Author Sylvia Stein.   For today I am sharing a Short excerpt on a WIP I am working on for a short story collection for possibly for 2019. I hope to share more each week with you all.    I hope you like it.

Chapter 1

Alice Age 35 

Alice stood in the middle of the hallway of her small apartment.   She took a deep breath while gazing into the mirror.

What had happened in the last year had definitely taken a big toll on Alice.  Her eyes were so puffy from the night spent crying,  her hair was frazzled and dry from the days spent not using conditioner.

Who gives a crap about conditioner?  She thought. 

Immediately Alice resorted to her favorite hobby of choice.   Food.   As time went on food was something that gave her comfort.

Not to mention the trips to the local bar every weekend so she could bury her pain in a drunken haze.

The drink of choice was a dirty martini.

On a good note, all was not bad for Alice.   Most of her days were spent as the manager of the local grocery store in the small town of Duncan just outside of the city of Arlington Texas.

As she got into the shower to get dressed for another long day at work.   Thoughts began taken over her once again.

Alice drifted back to how her life had fallen apart in the last year and what led her to Duncan.

Damn it, Alice! 

She scolded herself.

Don’t think of him! 

He doesn’t deserve it. 

As she stepped out of the shower the flashbacks started taking over her.

It was 3 years earlier and she was living what she thought would be her dream life with the one Alice thought would be her forever.

Sebastian was his name and from the moment Alice met him it was obvious they were meant to be together.

She had met him in college at The University of Texas at Austin.   It was so clear from the start they were smitten with one another.

It wasn’t long before they began dating.

Tears began overflowing Alice.

Damn, I am going to be late for work.  

For now, Alice was determined to get to work and focus on the grueling day and week ahead.

I don’t have time for this! 

He made his choice. 

I hope you like the short excerpt…

I will share more each week on Sunday.

Copyright 2017 by Sylvia Stein

Coping is a new story I am working on which will introduce several new characters. The first will be Alice then we will move on to more.   This was a small excerpt will share more on her and other characters in the coming weeks.

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