We Are The World Blogfest: Red-Nose Day and how good will prevail

Red nose day actually 3

We are the World Blogfest is here with its third edition.

To spread peace and humanity on social media, a few of us have worked together to create the We are the World Blogfest, and the co-hosts for the April 2017 WATWB are,  Emerald BarnesEric Lahti, Inderpreet UppalLynn HallbrooksPeter Nena, Roshan Radhakrishnan,

My name is Sylvia Stein and for my  post onWe are the world Blogfest, I wanted to share a piece about Red Nose Day which is a charity which helps so many children out there and I wanted to tie into the Red Nose Day Actually Sequel short film ( which was taken by the first film by Richard Curtis, Love Actually.)

In England, Red Nose day began by the Comic Relief Charity and was founded in 1985 by the comedy scriptwriter Richard Curtis who is also the director of such films as Notting Hill, The Bridget Jones Diaries, Four Weddings and a Funeral and Love Actually.  He collaborated with comedian Lenny Henry in response to the famine in Ethiopia.

This event started in England and has worked with the BBC to show a telethon each year to help children who are in need.    It has now passed on to the United States and is raising money to help child poverty in the world and prevent hunger while also providing vaccines to villages who do not have the resources to get to them.


This year Richard Curtis decided to add a sequel to his hit movie Love Actually, by bringing everyone a short film of the sequel to it and title it Red Nose Day Actually.   He brought many of the beloved characters many of us rooted for in the first film and he brought of glimpse of what they are doing now.   All the proceeds are for the Red Nose day cause.   In this post


I wanted to share some of the words said by Hugh Grant who plays the Prime Minister in the short film and what he tells the press on where he stands in regards to the remarks about how love was all around and what he said in the first movie.



This is some of what he shares:


While People are nervous and fearful…

 But  I Look at the other side

And I’m optimist


Wherever you see Tragedy you see bravery too.Wherever you see ordinary people


You see extraordinary people come to their aid


Today is Red Nose day and people are giving their hard earned cash to people they will never meetBut whose pain and fear they feel and want to fight…  So, It is not just a romantic love which is all around


Most people every day and everywhere  have enough love in their hearts


To help human beings in trouble


Good’s going to win.


I am actually sure of it.

Red Nose day actually 4

 check out the small short film below: 

In conclusion, just like in the first film Love is all around us in spite of the evil in the world there are so many out there doing so much good and I do believe Good will always prevail.

Red nose day actually pic 2

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pics: https://www.facebook.com/RedNoseDayActually2017/



You tube:  Red Nose day Actually

Red nose day 1


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