The Diary of a Broken Father Excerpt By Indie Author Sylvia Stein



Dear Diary,

Have you ever woken up in the middle of the night, covered up in your own sweat? Then begin to feel your own heart beating faster from the nightmare that just shook you from inside. Well, this is the reality of my life at the moment and it is one that I wished I could change. My darkest days have begun. I have hit rock bottom. How could I have made such a mess out of my life? I only have myself to blame.

My name is Garrison James, and I am an alcoholic. I have made horrible mistakes in my life and damn that has caused me my only daughter Sara. Now, this nightmare is here again. Taking it’s freaking toll on me! It’s the same one each time. I can picture it in my head.

Damn! I am angry! I can’t do this again!

Why do I have to remember it?

It’s not fair for me!

It hurts so much!

Sara is leaving and Valerie is taking her. She is my beloved Lila’s sister. The bad taste in my mouth still lingers from the liquor in my breath. I begin to sink in my own guilt. Heck, I spent most of the night drinking and passing out. Man! what a coward I was. I still can’t believe I tried making Sara feel guilty.




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