Author Spotlight Lynette White


Author Spotlight: Lynette White

Author Lynette White


SS: Thank you so much for being here today Lynette.

LW:  Happy to be hear today.



SS: First and foremost, tell us about yourself?

LW:  I grew up in a tiny town in Central Montana.  Being a sickly child, I spent a lot of time reading so I developed a love for it at a young age.  Right out of High School I set out to explore the world with limited success.  There is still a lot of the world I want to experience.


After two failed marriages I spent a lot of years being a single mom.  I am now at the point in my life when I answer to no one but the cat.  My son is married to a wonderful woman and I have 2 beautiful granddaughters.  I also have a second son who was a homeless teen that we took in and 10 years later he is still a part of our family.  He is also married and has a little girl and a two month old son.


I am an independent spirit by nature, almost to a fault.  Asking for help is always a struggle for me.  On the flip side I am not afraid to take on a challenge head on.


SS: When did you first get into writing?

LW: My first desire to write was  sparked by  my high school English teacher during the creative writing semesters.  She was the first one to see I had a true talent for writing.



SS: What can you tell us about your books?

LW: I have 18 stories dispersed throughout 9 anthologies published by Professor Limn Books and A good tale.  Also through Professor Limn books is a progressive fantasy that I wrote with 4 other authors who to this date have never met in person.


My personal series: The Destiny Series, is a dark fantasy series.  If you are tired of the clear cut good guy vs bad guy story the Destiny series is for you.  I intentionally developed a complex story line where the reader is never really sure which side of the line the characters are standing on.  They will find themselves immersed in that gray area where right and wrong is a matter of opinion and can change with the snap of  a finger.

You can view all of my books on my website and there are links there to purchase them.!my-releases/cjhp



SS:What can you share about your latest work?

LW: My latest work is titled Enemy Unmasked and is the second book in the Destiny Series.  The first  book ( The Enemy Within) introduces the reader to the twin cities of Tarson and Salaria. The twin cities have fallen victim to raids and Salaria  Second Commander Shadoe Van Ives is determined to  find out who is behind them.  What he discovers is a conspiracy that has infected both cities and the people he trusted the most are compromised.  In Enemy Unmasked the city of Salaria has suffered tremendous losses after two horrific battles in less than a week.  Demoralized, frustrated, and exhausted; Shadoe learns that the corrupt High Priest is the least of his worries.  Enemies far more dangerous are gathering their forces.



SS: What was the inspiration behind it and also behind your stories?

LW: The inspiration behind this series actually dates back about 3 decades. The characters and  world were originally designed as Dungeons and Dragons characters.  After 25 years of actively playing I decided to retire my world and all the characters.  From there it was a natural transition to the series.


I draw my  inspiration for everything I write from the human condition I witness everyday. Whether I am writing a 1000 word flash fiction, or an entire novel, I always have a theme in mind before I write the first words.  I want my readers to be touched long after they read the last word.


SS: What can you tell us about the characters?

LW: The characters in the Destiny Series are very complex and plagued with Demons only they understand.  Shadoe Van Ives for example is a garrison commander but he was forced into that warrior’s life by his father.  Shadoe and his father Sander have a tumultuous relationship on a good day. Years of bitter feuding have created a chasm that may never heal. However, if there is any hope of saving the cities these two men must come together.


Shadoe’s twin sister Coriane is the direct opposite of her twin.  Where he is demanding, relentless, and even heartless she is kind, forgiving, gentle, and compassionate. Together they balance each other out.


Other characters include Tamaron Carnell, cousin to the twins and Sander’s second in line. Tamaron is Shadoe’s moral compass. Mistross Oakwood and his wife Whitliff are two elves who call Salaria home, and have accomplished a level of respect from the humans that no elf would ever  dream of.  Rounding out the characters is Bengaman Carnell (Tamaron’s father) and Thomason  Stenson (Salaria High Priest ). Bengaman , Thomason , and Sander founded the twin cities and have a tremendous amount of power.


SS: Do you have a specific writing routine?

LW: No, I don’t.  However, I am primarily a pantzer.  I rarely have any notes before I write anything.  I just let the thoughts swirl around in my brain until they spill out onto the page.


SS: What advice do you have for those aspiring writers?


LW: The same advice I have been given over and over again.  Write, write, and write some more.  When you don’t feel like writing  sit your tale in that chair and write.


SS: What is something we would be surprised to know about you?


LW: I get extremely anxious in crowds. If I am separated by a table or something I am fine, but to go into a big crowd of people freaks me out.


SS: Are you currently working on something new at the moment?


LW: I am currently working on a story for Writers of the Future, DragonComet contest, and I will be starting on book three of the Destiny Series within the next few weeks.


SS:  Thank you again Lynette White !

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