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Author Spotlight Mercedes Prunty



Thank you so much for being here.



First and foremost, tell us a bit about yourself?

Hi thanks for having me. A bit about myself, hmm well I’m from the United Kingdom and I live in a lovely seaside town filled with seagulls and fish and chip shops. I’m a mummy to two beautiful princesses and I am married to my wonderful husband who is so patient as all he hears every night is the ‘Tap Tap’ of my laptop keyboard. I qualified as a hairdresser before I started writing and although I don’t do people’s hair anymore as I look after my babies at home I am quite spontaneous with my own hair and change the color like the wind, since December I’ve been blonde, red and now chocolate brown but I have been pink and purple before now to.


What type of genre do you write?

So far I have written two books, my first one ‘The Keeper of the Key’ is an adventure/ Sci fi novel, think ‘Tomb Raider’ but the main character is Peruvian, has powers and is destined for great things.

My second book ‘Alone’ is a horror that I have based in my home town and surrounding areas. I have always loved Zombie stories and I have made ‘Alone’ into a zombie but not zombie kind of horror, they are more creatures that are still alive, not the walking dead.


What can you share about your books?

I make my own covers for my books, of course I do use the templates that Amazon set out on their Createspace site but I take the photos and edit them and upload them as my cover. The photo on ‘The Keeper of the key’ is a real object I made out of modelling clay, paint and marbles, I then took the photo on my phone and edited to look how I saw the Incan key in my head. The cover to ‘Alone’ is a photo I took at my local beach with a blue filter and certain edits used to create the cold atmosphere. The original photo was actually a really sunny day with boats out at sea but I made it look dark, gloomy and not a boat in sight.


What was the inspiration behind them?

The inspiration behind ‘The Keeper of the Key’ was actually a documentary I had been watching with my nan and grandad when my youngest was still tiny, I used to go round there for lunch and hideaway when I couldn’t be bothered to stay at home on my own when the hubby was at work. This documentary I had seen was about different doorways that were hidden all around the world and this spurred the idea for Selene my main character in my book to have a special Incan key which can unlock these special doorways round the world and eventually take her to the ‘Puerta de Hayu Marca’ or otherwise known as ‘The gate of the gods’, whilst fighting a dark force that also want to key and the power it holds.

The inspiration for my second book ‘Alone’ was actually my favorite video game ‘The Last of us’ (Yes I am a bit of a game geek) which is the best Zombie game ever made because the story line is just brilliant. Although I love the game I have always been a zombie nut with other games like ‘Resident Evil’ and I thought well I want to write one and make it my own and it was whilst listening to one of my favorite music artists ‘Sia’ that the idea just came to me. I was listening to ‘Chandelier’ and the first seen just arrived in my mind’s eye, I could see Stacie my main character and the start of her journey and I thought I want to see more, so I just wrote what came to me. And if I’m honest so far this book has been more popular, maybe because everyone at the moment likes all the gory zombie stuff or maybe because people in my home town like that it’s based there. Whatever the reason I’m just happy that people like it.


What can you share about your latest work?

My latest work is better in my view than my first, I have learnt a lot more since then about the world of writing such as laying out a book, before I just wrote it and uploaded it whereas now I write it, space it properly, indent the page and do all other things I should but didn’t do but hey you learn as you go. I also wrote my latest work in first and third person, my main character is in first and my other characters are in third, I done this so as to not confuse the reader as to who’s talking.


Do you have a particular schedule you follow?

Yes…When the kids are in bed I write. Haha. I just try to write as much as possible, I have weeks where I write thousands of words and the ideas come thick and fast then other weeks I fall flat and can only muster a few hundred, I just take it as the mood takes me.


When do you find is the best time to write?

At night mostly as I find the house is quiet, clean and calm and my brain can focus more.


Do you have any favorite authors?

I love S.D.Perry, she wrote the novel adaptions to the ‘Resident Evil’ series and they have always been with me since a teenager. I also love Charlie Higson who wrote ‘The Enemy’ series which yet again is a zombie based book set in London in the UK so I was sold as I saw that one really. I also like Japanese manga mainly ‘Sailor Moon by Naoko Takeuchi’ the artwork in those books are so beautiful, I just wish I could draw like that!


Do you have a favorite character in your works?

Some days I think I prefer one over the other and then I go back and revisit what the other has done and think oh actually I prefer that one but to be honest I think I love them all, they are like my friends, can’t pick a favorite.


What is something your readers would be surprised to know about you?

I was named after a car…Haha…

For my wedding I refused to pay hundreds for a wedding cake so I brought two decent size sponge cakes with white icing from my local supermarket, purchased some decorative columns and icing flowers and me and my then four year old made it look pretty and everyone commented on how professional and yummy it was.



What are you working on now?

I’m currently writing the second one to ‘Alone’ which I done as my NaNoWriMo project, I beat the 50,000 word limit and I’m now doing the second re-write which is going great I’m on 27,000 words and on chapter three, think it might pan out as another long ish book but if the words flow I just write them. I also have the idea’s for the second ‘Keeper of the key’ but I have to follow which ever character speaks loudest to me and at the moment it’s Stacie who is yelling for my attention although I do get days where Selene muscles in and tries to make me change course to her story again.


Is there some advice you would give a writer starting out?

Yes firstly to keep writing no matter what, bad writing is better than no writing as at least you can edit the bad stuff. Secondly don’t rely on family on friends to read or review your work for you as mostly they humor you at the time to make you feel good but have no intention of doing what they say, take notice of the fans who do read your work as those are the people who will support and love you for what you do. And lastly take pride in what you do, even if you make mistakes as those mistakes make you human and not just some robot who spits out verbal vomit, those mistakes make your work yours and as you learn more those mistakes will become less.


Thank you so much for having me was fun and interesting to do.x.x.


Where can we find you?

On Facebook

On Twitter   @MercedesPrunty

WordPress (Blog)

I am on goodreads but I am fairly new to it so do not know all the ins and outs of it all.

I have an author bio on amazon and all my books are available to buy on and

Alone on .com

The keeper of the key on .com

Alone on

The Keeper of the key on


Mercedes Prunty







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