Interview with Author Emerald Barnes: Entertaing Angels Cover Reveal Blog Tour


SS: First of all thank you so much for being here today, Emerald Barnes.

EB: Oh, thank you for having me, Syl!  I’m so happy to be on your blog!

SS:   You have written two very great books in Read me Dead and Piercing the Darkness and now in your latest book of, “Entertaining Angels” what can you tell us about this particular story?

EB:  Aww. Thank you!  I’m glad you liked them. Yes, I’m really excited to publish this one.  It’s really special to me.  God gave me this story, just like the others, but this one is for more than just entertainment unlike the others.  It’s a story about discovering your true beauty in the eyes of God.

SS:   Oh God is first and foremost in my life too and thanks for sharing

Can you share on your main character and what makes her stand out?

EB: The beauty of Madison is that she really doesn’t stand out.  She’s a normal teenager facing normal problems.  But, Zach comes into her life to show her just how beautiful and unique she is.  Between Zach and Chase, Madison blossoms, and she becomes the beautiful woman she’s never seen but has always been.  What inspired you to write this story?

EB: The funny thing about this is that it was never meant to be the story that it is now.  I was tired of writing about murders, so I decided that I wanted to write a sweet little romance about a young girl in high school who found love in the most unexpected place.  However, it came out different than that.   I was praying about the direction the story needed to take and after the prayer, as I was lying in bed, this little idea came to mind.  God wanted me to show woman how beautiful they are in His eyes and to the world.

SS: Indeed I agree.

What can you tell us about your characters for this new story?

EB: Well, we have Madison; she’s sixteen and a little pudgy.  She’s beautiful, but she doesn’t know it.  Zach, he is new to her school, and he comes in with one goal in mind, to help Madison.  He sees a beautiful girl, and he wants to let her know how beautiful she is.  Chase, he’s Madison’s best friend.  He’s a nerd; he’s totally adorable; and he’s determined to protect Mads anyway possible.

SS:   I love the cover and I was wondering how did you come up with the concept for it?

EB:Thank you!  I didn’t do it.  I told my cover artist (Natasha Brown) about my characters, what colors I imagined, and she did the rest.  She came up with the brilliant design herself.  She gave me some options of the people on the cover, but otherwise, she’s the brains behind the cover.

SS: Wow she is so amazing.

SS:     What can you tell your readers inspires your writing?

EB: Inspiring my readers is what inspires my writing.  I want them to take away something from my books, even if it’s just pure fun and entertainment.  I just want to reach them because they’re the reasons that we write

SS:   What is some piece of advice you want to give other writers?

EB: Never give up.  I guarantee that you can succeed.  It may take longer than you want it to, but it doesn’t matter.  The journey is absolutely horrifying and brilliant at the same time.

SS:   What message do you hope to bring with this story?

EB: I hope that people will come to learn just how beautiful they are.  Men, women, teens.  Everyone.  I want people to know that they are the Sons and Daughters of the Living God, and just because we don’t “conform” to the standards given to us by the fashion industry, it doesn’t matter.  We’re who we are, and that should be good enough.  That should be the most important thing.  Learn to love yourself.  You’re beautiful.

SS: Thank you so much for being here again Emerald Barnes.

EB: Thank you for having me, Syl!  It’s been an immense pleasure.

SS:  Same here Emerald!

Author Photo for March 2014


Emerald Barnes

5 thoughts on “Interview with Author Emerald Barnes: Entertaing Angels Cover Reveal Blog Tour”

  1. I just wanted to take the time to say Thank you to Author Emerald Barnes for letting me be a part of his amazing Blog Tour for her new cover reveal of her latest Novel, ” Entertaining Angels” . I loved the interview and so happy to have you on my blog!

    Syl Stein xoxoxo

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