Fun Night of Wine, Cheese and Book Night out!

Hello Everyone,

On February 7, 2014 I was a part of a fabulous event called Wine Cheese and a Book Night out with several other authors.   I was invited by the wonderful and amazing author Lori Verni- Fogarsi who has written several books including Momnesia, Ignite, Unexpecting and Everything you need to know about House Training Puppies and Adult Dogs.

This was one amazing event where the public could come out and enjoy a fine night of meeting authors, buy books, win giveaways and  enjoy fine wine, meats, fruits and imported cheese courtesy of  the fabulous Niche Lounge Located in Holly Springs North Carolina.

I have to say this was my first event and I was so amazed by it.  It was so wonderful to get there and be greeted by Lori, her husband,  the amazing Diana who handled all book orders and all the other wonderful authors that were a big part of this event.

The following are some of the pictures my wonderful husband took of the event.    I was so happy he came with me too, for myhusband has always been my biggest fan.    It was so wonderful to see so many people turn out to this amazing event!   I was also very happy to see some familiar faces in the crowd.  It was a very fun night and I loved meeting all the other authors.

The Following were some of the pics my husband took of this amazing event.


Here I am with the wonderful host of this amazing event Lori Verni-Fogarsi.


These were two of the amazing guests/ Readers we had.     It was an amazing turn out.  Thank you Nicki and Brennan for being a part of this pic and event with me.


Here is a pic of the other amazing authors at the event.  Here is Harry James Krebb to my right followed by Hugh Willard and Savanna Grey.    It was so nice to chat and mingle with these great and talented writers.


Here is another amazing pic of the talented author SJ Byrne/ Isabella Sinclair.

All in all this was one fabulous night!   Kudos to Lori , Diana, the staff at Niche Lounge and all the other most amazing talented authors and all the public  who came out to the event and support us.  

I also wanted to extend a big shout out to my mother in law Kathie Stein who came to support me and our friend Elyse.   Thank you all for being a part of what I hope is a first of many events like this one to come!

Thank you!

Sylvia Stein


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