Giant Tales from the Misty Swamp is now on amazon

My name is Sylvia Stein I wanted to let you all know that my second Anthology  is now on Amazon and is now available on Kindle Edition. It is entitled, ” Giant Tales From The Misty Swamp and is available on Kindle Edition. Yay! 4 of my stories are on this book. I just wanted to share my news with Tammie and this wonderful group:  Here is an excerpt of one of my stories entitled, ” Mad About Science I hope you will enjoy it!

Mad about Science

Dr. Edward Monroe was a very skilled scientist.  He had done all his graduate work at John Hopkins in Baltimore Maryland, and had dedicated so much time to his work, that at times he seemed like a mad man obsessed with his different theories.  However, soon he would come to realize that being so into his work would be beneficial to the world around him.

It was 3:00 a.m. in the morning when his cell phone began to ring. Dr. Monroe had not been able to sleep due to the massive rain in the past few weeks and flooding.   Luckily for him, his only companion was Isaac his loyal dog, since his wife Abby and their  two boys were out of town in New Jersey visiting relatives.   Isaac was barking very loudly, so Dr. Monroe opted to let him go outside.    Since, he had missed the call, he went back to listen to the message on his phone.   “ “Dr. Edward Monroe, this is the CDC- or the Center for Disease Control, Please call us back immediately!”  “ Oh this sounds grave”, he said as he began to dial the phone.  “ Hello, this is Dr. Edward Monroe, he added.  “ I received a call from your office,” he continued.  “ Yes Dr. Monroe, could you please come to our headquarters immediately?”,  added the receptionist.   “Ahh, sure!” he added.  “ Very well,  a black sedan  will be picking you up shortly!”, and just like that, she hung up the phone.   After a few minutes  a black sedan came to pick him up.   “Hello Dr. Monroe, said a very slender woman.  “ I am Stacy Malloy” and I am the head Doctor  at the CDC”.   She continued, “ You must be wondering why we called you?”.   “ Yes”, he answered in a still nervous tone.  “ Well  you see Doctor Monroe,” “ There seems to be some contaminent, causing an outbreak as of late.”  As she spoke her voice suddenly  began to shake.  “ Dr. Malloy!”, he called. “ Are you okay?”  But it was too late Dr. Malloy was not responding.  “Quick!” he called out to the driver.  “ We must take her to the CDC Lab at once to find out what is wrong with her.   Sadly, for Dr. Monroe, the driver had also  passed out in the front seat.



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