Giant Tales Beyond The Mystic Doors : Justice for Ana

Welcome and I am so glad you came to the Virtual e-book started by the wonderful best selling author Tammie Clarke Gibbs!

My name is Sylvia Stein and on February 14, 2013  I published my first Anthology with my Writer’s Group on Linked in called ” Giant Tales Beyond The Mystic Doors.”    This is one of the 4 stories that I wrote and I hope you will go and check it out on Amazon.

Justice For Ana..

Part One:

Hello my name is Alondra Castillo and in 1994 my younger sister Ana and numerous other women were murdered here in The City of Juarez Mexico.   My sister Ana decided to work in the Maquila Industry, and had to ride the local Bus to and from work everyday.  I still recall my beautiful sister.  She was so full of life and wanted to one day save enough money to attend school and make a better life for herself. Tragically, that dream never came a reality.   However, after her death I made a promise to her and those numerous other women that I would make all those involved pay for their crimes.  I decided that this was the  only way not to give in to the submission of authority that the citizens of Juarez were used to doing.  So I decided to  educate myself and become a law enforcement agent and work to  take the corrupt  system down.    This is why since 1994 I have been keeping a Journal with all of the entries of everything that has occurred to my sister and as well  as  the more than 5,000 victims that were savagely attacked and killed.   In my mind I envision this journal like a book that I hide from the world.  At times, I am so sad and angry that I pretend that is has majical elements that can heal this hole in my heart that has a huge void from the loss of Ana.

For many years now, the Mexican authorities have refused to acknowledge these crimes for fear of retaliation of Mexican Mob groups that are set to be involved.  Trust me it has  not been an easy road to become a law enforcement agent. However, I was very determined and was fortunate enough to have been sent out to live in The United States after my beloved sister’s passing, under a visa.   However, because I was involved in the school’s sports, I was able to apply for a permanent residency which allowed me to stay in the United States.  It was hard to be away from my parents, but they did not want to lose another daughter.  Sadly all I thought of day in and out was how I missed my sister.  I still recall when she was born, how I would pretend she was my baby.  Ana was only  three years younger than me.  However, after she was born we were inseparable.   I also recalled, the night before she died.  My mother never liked the idea that she was going to be working at the Maquiladora.   But Ana, was now 18 and was trying to make some money to pay for school.  At  the time I  was working at a local restaurant with my mother.  Sadly, the owner would not hire my sister, because at the time she was not of age.


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