Giant Tales Beyond The Mystic Doors is on Amazon

Hello All,

I just wanted to extend my thanks to Tammie Clarke Gibbs and this wonderful Virtual e-book fair  of authors and writers for the opportunity to promote my first published Anthology with 16 other authors from my fabulous  Writer’s group on linked in that was started by the amazing  Heather Marie Schuldt   Thank you so much for your continued dedication to our group!

This is one of the stories you can find in the Anthology entitled, ” Giant Tales Beyond The Mystic Doors!

Here is an excerpt :

Part one:

There was a King named Siddius who was was a very powerful ruler, but above all else he was also ruthless and he knew his antics were feared among all of the people and kingdom of Wisteria.  He prided himself in setting order and was not about to change anytime soon.  Sadly, the person it had affected the most was his only daughter.

Her name was Calis and she tried to understand him.  However, she was a much gentler soul and just did not get why her father had to be so unjust and unkind.   The King loved his daughter, but had already decided that she was to marry someone he chose and that made her so distressed and unhappy.  “Calis, my sweet daughter, I have found the man that is worthy of you and I know you will be the happiest,” he said.  “ But father, I do not want to marry at this time”, she pleaded.   “Nonsense!”  he stated as he stormed out.   “ Oh what am I going to do?” “ I have to get away!” said a very determined Calis.    Once the King was in his  chambers with the  guards, Calis stepped out quietly and grabbed one of the horses in the nearby corridor and began riding away.     She rode to what seem like hours to the nearby village of  Lark.    As she tied her horse to the big Oak Tree, she saw an image walking towards her.  “ Hello” said a very tall woman.    “Hello”, she answered nervously.  “ I am Rina, Witch of Lark”, she grinned.   “ Ah, I do not want any trouble!”, stated a scared Calis.  “ Oh my dear,  she laughed.  “ I am not here to hurt you!” she continued.  “ I am here to help you!”   “If that is what you want?”  said the Witch.   “ Help, Now why would I need your help?”  “ Please Dearie!”, “I am a witch, I see it all, and I know about your father King Siddius and what he has done and wants you to do!”   I am not interested in revenge, Witch, so please let  me be!”  said an angry Calis as she began walking away.   “ Here my dear”,  stated Rina the Witch,  then she  handed Calis a small container.  “ What is this?” she asked.  “ When the time comes, you will know what to do with it!” she stated, and then disappeared.  But not before, yelling out, “ The Curse will come to King Siddius!

If you would like to read more of this stories please check out the e-book on Amazon.



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