Giant Tales: Beyond The Mystic Doors is now Available on Amazon

Hello everyone,

I am so excited to let you all know that my first Anthology with my writer’s group on linked in is out now on amazon.    I am beyond excited and grateful to finally be published.   The book came out on Valentines Day, I have to say this is another one of the proudest moments in my life.   However, I wanted to take this time to say Thank you to all who have supported and believed in my dream.   First and foremost I want to thank God above everything else and my faith.   Also my wonderful husband Jeremy who has been my biggest fan and my three beautiful children Paul, Michael and Consuelo.   I also wanted to thank my mother in law Kathie Stein for showing me that dreams are attainable and we must always go after them.    There has also been much support from family and friends  in Brownsville, Michigan, Midland and all over the social media.     However I would not have done any of this if I had not connected with best selling author   Melissa Foster on facebook and she introduced me to her Women’s nest , Then The World Literary Cafe and now Melissa’ Awesome Support Team.   Melissa you have been a true inspiration to me, and the way you pave it forward for authors and aspiring writers is amazing.  Thank you.   I also have met some very wonderful people through the WLC, and Melissa’ Awesome Support Team, you all are truly wonderful group of authors and friends!  #GoTeamPIF!    A big shout out goes out to authors, Emerald Barnes, Michael Rivers, Stacy Eaton, Kathie Shoop,Olivia Nicks, Ann Gimpel, Leslie Garcia  Victoria Wachuk and Exchange Fan page and so many others through facebook, twitter and linked in for all their support.   I also wanted to thank The Book Doctors David Henry Sterry and his wife arielle eckstut for all their advice it has been so helpful.     Last  but certainly  not least a big shout out to Heather Marie Schuldt  for making my dream of being published author  a reality.  Heather you are amazing and your dedication to our Writer’s group is out of this world.   Thank you!    Furthermore I also do not want to forget to thank my grandparents Francisco and Consuelo Delgado who helped to raise me to the person I am today, and although they are no longer on this earth, I hope they always know they are in my heart and I would not be here without them.   Finally, to all the readers, writers, authors your support means the world and I hope you enjoy this first book.  So without further ado I give you : Giant Tales: Beyond The Mystic Doors.



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6 thoughts on “Giant Tales: Beyond The Mystic Doors is now Available on Amazon

    1. Dear Micheal,

      thanks this means so much! You are an amazing friend. I appreciate all of you. Emerald is also one of a kind as are you and Melissa Foster! Thank you again for your support!


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