Revised excerpt Chapter 1 of Battered Mind

Hello All,

I wanted to share my revised first chapter of Battered Mind- my upcoming book.   I hope you all like it.

Sadie Carlyle awoke in a state of despair when she finally opened her eyes, and noticed that she was lying in what appeared to be a large hospital bed.   She immediately began screaming very loudly.  Sadie  was so out of control that a strong sedative was required to calm her down.   Her long red hair looked so dry, since it appeared as if she had not had it properly washed it  for days.    It was not to long once  the sedative took immediate effect.   Then soon after that  her greenish eyes began to close again.   As the nurse came to place a soft pillow under her neck, you could see that her skin looked even paler than normal.

After all this  had been an intense few days for Sadie.   This whole mess made her more emotional and you could easily see that it was taking it’s toll when you saw all  the puffiness in her swollen eyes from all of the crying.It was so hard to believe that Sadie was once a very attractive green eyed red head that captivated a room with her profound beauty.  After a few minutes the nurse noticed that Sadie was bleeding from her nose.   Soon after this happened the doctor was immediately paged.

In the meantime Sadie still  asleep began  to let her mind get whisked away.

  “Here he comes again screaming at me always  terrifying me why  can’t he see that he is hurting me!”

“Mrs. Carlyle , Mrs. Carlyle!” called a man in a dark suit.  Suddenly, Sadie was no longer in the hospital bed.   She was in a courtroom.  Her heart was racing and she appeared very agitated and confused.

However, she decided to take a deep breath to calm her nerves.   As always once again her thoughts run away with her:

Sadness is approaching it feels very dark-  I feel it pulling me closer to the end of a cliff and then I am drowning!”

“Could  you please answer the question now!”  said the impatient District Attorney.  As he paced back and forth you could hear the silence in the packed room.   She tried to stay focus and not let her thoughts run away with her again.  “Well, Ms. Carlyle” he stated once more.  Sadie took a deep breath and then said,  “Yes I am so sorry Mr. Mason”,she  began to say said in a rather soft and apologetic tone.

“ Please forgive me, again”  she said. “ You see I am rather nervous being up here and talking about such a traumatic event and I was letting my nerves run away with me, Do you mind repeating the question?   He paused and then once again asked, “ What happened on the night of May 27, 2010?”  He paused and then added.  “Now I hope that was clear enough for you,” he added in a more sarcastic tone.

Charles Mason had been a District Attorney for the State of North Carolina for 16 years now and he was known to win all of his cases.  Theman had been divorced three times and finally said that he just was not going to let awoman bury him, even if it meant he end up alone.  However, he was fair in matters of the law and just wanted to get to the truth.   “ Well, on the day you are  asking,” Sadiecontinued and then after a brief pause then blurted out ” I wanted my husband to die!”

As she said that,the court room went into a big uproar. This is when the presiding  Judge Vicente Mikos knocked on his gavel and askedeveryone  to quiet down.  “ Please!”,   Silence he urged.

    “A Voice cries out in the night, for someone to hear its plea.. As the wind begins to fade the sound, there you are in between, ready to comfort.. or destroy me?” “I want to break free of you!”

 “Look Mr. Mason everyone here is going to see that my husband  Dante Lucas Carlyle was amonster and an abuser”.  She continued by adding, “  I did what I had to do to protect my daughter and myself , because if I had not shot him he would of come after both of us.”   

Sadie began to shake as she finished her testimony.  You could hear the whispers in thecrowd of people which included both Sadie’s parents as well as Dante’s.

“Silence everyone,”  said Judge Mikos once again.   he then continued.   “Now I must remind everyone to keep their composure throughout the trial and if there arethose that do not want to follow the rules you will be escorted out!”    All of a sudden as soon as  he  got done with the stern warning there was a another voice who called upon the judge.

“Your honor!” said the slender woman,  “I ask that there be a short recess so that I can speak with my client.”    “Alright we will all meet back here at 2:00 p.m”, urged the judge.“This will allow most of us to go to lunch and be ready to continue”,  he continued.“However,  he added I must remind the jury to be mindful of this case and your obligations as jurors”.

As the people walked out of the courtroom,  the slender attorney directed her attention to her client.    As she approached Sadie, Ms.Hamilton’s   dark brown eyes, which matched her dark brown hair appeared to get darker as she got closer to her.    Many thoughts ran thru Miranda’s head,  and she tried to compose her voice tone.

“ Okay now  Ms. Carlyle do you have any thing to say for yourself?” ,Miranda awaited patiently for an answer.  However, Sadie apparently appeared to be in another frame of mine, and she  seemed to  be  deliberately taking  her time in answering her.   It was about a few minutes later, that Sadie finally felt like indulging Ms. Hamilton and in a rather stern tone said,

“ Look you are suppose to be on my side, so just let the evidence speak for itself!”

Then just like that  got up and walked out of the room.  This type of attitude left a very bad taste in  Miranda’s mouth and she decided for the time being to keep her frustrations to herself.  However,that did not mean she had good thoughts of Sadie.

“ Oh I am so sick of this woman!  thought  Miranda as she gathered her brief case.

This type of behavior that was coming from her client was unacceptable and was now regretting being her defense lawyer.  You see Miranda Hamilton was approached by Sadie’s parents because they knew she was one of the best criminal defense lawyers in Atlanta Georgia, were Sadie’s father had recruited her since he was also in that same field and wanted to make sure his daughter was well represented and were willing to pay whatever it took to protect her.    As Miranda collected her briefcase and composed herself,  District Attorney Charles Mason came in and gave her this small grin.   She went right passed him and tried not to pay him any attention.

“ Don’t let the door hit you on the way out!”  he said.

Charles  could hear Miranda trying not to lose her composure.   One of the main reasons that   Mr. Mason acted in such a way is becausehe knew that there was more to this case.   There were more than  a few things that justdid not add up.

As stated earlier Charles Mason,  believed in getting to the truth of what really occurred on the night of May 27 2010.   “ I am sure that there are things thatMs. Hamilton’s client is not saying and I am going to break this case and her.”   He said with a big smirk on his face.    In another closed room,  Sadie sat in one corner of the room locked deep in her thoughts.   “

“ Look Dante I want you to stop this, I cannot continue to be hurt by you.  I will not allow you to hurt me!”“ Hurt you, Sadie why would I do that, to you.  “ I love you!”  

“ Sadie! Sadie!” called a familiar voice from the room.    It was her father’s voice. Jackson then  went into the room and embraced her.  “ Oh hunny you have been through  so much and soon everyone will know what a horrible monster that Dante was.

Sadie appeared not at all there as her father was speaking  to her.   But somehow found a way to respond.   “ Yes I just want all this to be over so I can resume my life with my baby girl.   “ Oh I can’t wait to be with her, she said.   Shhh!, there there he whispered.  However Jackson did notice that his  daughter had barely eaten her food.

“ Now sweetheart I know this is a very tough thing you aredealing with right now, however you are not going to do yourself any favors by fainting incourt because your not eating,”  he stated in a more stern voice.   Unfortunately once again Sadie reverted back to her own thoughts.

“Please go away now, I really don’t want to hurt you, but I will”…  

Then Sadie’s nose began to bleed heavily.    “ Oh no yelled her father.. Someone

call “ 911 my daughter is bleeding!”


Sadie ( Artwork by New Artist Jessica Ann Medders)

Syl Stein

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