Exciting News: Book One Professor Limn: Coming soon!

I am so happy to annnounce that in Early 2013 we will be launching our Book One Anthology Book entitled Professor Limn:Giant Tales is a collection of three minute stories that were started by the wonderful  Heather Marie  Schuldt  started back in April of 2012. Beyond the Mystic Doors presents fifteen writers who each tell four stories. Coming soon to an eBook near you!

I would’ve never kept on pursuing my writing if it were not from the support of authors like Melissa Foster, and The World Literary Cafe (WLC Community whom pave the way for other authors, Melissa’s Awesome Support Team, Exchange Fan Page, my amazing family  and friends especially my very supportive Husband and children and let us not forget  my faith in God for which this would of never have been possible.   Also I want to thank My mother in law who loves me like her own daughter and who began her love as a fiber artist and always told me never to give up and to keep pursuing your dreams!    I also want to give a big shout out to authors and friends Emerald Barnes, Micheal Rivers, and many others!  Finally a big  Special thanks to Heather Marie Schuldt and the exceptional Writers Group on linked in!  Wow this is amazing!



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