My name is Sylvia Stein and I live in Fuquay Varina NC.      I have to say 2013  was  a very exciting year for me.  I was able to publish two Anthologies through my Writer’s group 750  which are both on Amazon in both kindle and paperback.  I have another Anthology coming out in 2014 and I am currently working on my first solo Novella in 2014!  It just goes to show that if you really believe in yhour dream it can become a reality.   I have also been able to gain many readers and I have gained many new friendships throughout the social media and been able to connect with other authors.  Many thanks to Melissa Foster and The World Literary Cafe,  Melissa’s Awesome Support Team where I have met many great people and fellow writers.  Last but not least I wanted to say thank you to God and my family for their continued support and their many blessings.  It just goes to show that if you work hard you can make your dreams a reality!

Syl Stein


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