Battered Mind

Battered Mind 

Sadie Martin Carlyle is on trial for the murder of her husband Dante Caryle.  Sadie  claims she killed him in self defense and that he was a monster.   She was a battered womanand if she had not defended herself he would of killed their young daughter and herself.   In short,   She feared for their  lives.   However, there is more to this case than meets the eye.   Sadie Martin is not your typical woman.   Her family consists of her Criminal lawyer father Jackson Martinfrom Atlanta and her mother Lila Reece Martin is one of the main leaders of the Southern Belles of Atlanta. From the very start, there are secrets that are hidden that no one will see coming.   Sadie’s story will take the reader on a very emotional journey throughout.    However once the case begins,everything you think you know about what happened between Sadie and Dante Carlyle will have you think again!


“ Sadie why are you acting up?  Why are you trembling?”, please let  me help you.   The room got pitched dark and I  felt the room begin to spin rapidly.“ Stay away from me Dante!,  or I swear I will kill you”.   “ You have  hurt me for the very last time!” As she said this Dante tried to walk quietly towards her.   “ Please baby- Why don’t you let me call the doctor so he can help you”? After a brief silence- I grab the gun.    “ Sadie  please put the gun down”!, he says urgently.   “Please baby, don’t do this !”   “ Give me the gun, okay, I promise you darlin, we can  get through this!”, he calls  in a stern tone .“ No! Dante, don’t try to make me forget all you have done to me ! “ As I am  crying out , once again my  thoughts begin to run away with me.     As I begin to  look down, at the 9 millimeter gun I  have  in my hand, my nose begins  to bleed.   Then suddenly my vision gets very blurry.   I can  hear my baby’s  cry and all of a sudden the room begins to move  in different directions.   Then suddenly I  can  barely hear Dante’s voice.   His brown eyes begin to fade .    All of a sudden I  begins to tumble down and a guns goes off! Sadieeeeeeeee!”  he calls out. 


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      1. No problem anytime, loving this team #GoTeamPIF and supporting your writing. Keep up the good work 🙂

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