Battered Mind: Part one Hidden Scars

Excerpt of Battered Mind Part one:

The Scars within me…

As I sit here and wonder about my life, I am confused as to what led me to this

place.   I mean am I supposed to know why everyone is looking at me like I am

some sort of monster.    I look at all of my surroundings, and I have no

recollection of anything.   So why am I here?  Can Someone please tell me?

“Oh you know why you are here!”  “You can’t deny it anymore!”

Huh? Who Said that?  Goodness on top of   being confused, now I am going nuts


“Come on Sadie!”  Own up to it!”

Who freaking said that?  Answer me!  Well I thought I heard something, but I

guess I am just letting all of this get to me now.

“Sadie, you know you killed him! “ You know you did!”

Stop!  Stop!  Come on I am tired!   Please leave me alone!

This is my revised excerpt to my Book Battered Mind. Thanks Melissa Foster and Melissa’s Awesome Support Team for helping me feel more confident about my writing.

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