Excerpt of Battered MInd : Sadie’s Narration

The blood was all over the rug, it was a rainy day that May evening.  I could still here the loud  shots as I layed on the ground, knocked unconscious.   As I tried to open up my eyes, I tried to  recall.  what had led me to this moment. Immediately, I felt my thoughts getting away with me.   “ My Keyla, Please baby girl, be okay !”    Suddenly, I could not breath, “ Oh I thought to myself it finally has   happened!   As I started to try and open my eyes, I heard and officer’s voice calling me.  At first all I heard was really muffled, for a second there I thought I was going deaf.   Then my thoughts went back to earlier in the evening.   “ Sadie, Please, calm down! Please put the gun down!”   I thought to myself what was going on, am I dreaming, is this for real, what happened?   I kept trying to scream, but I felt so weak. “ Help me!” Help me!” please!” “ Help me!” “ Sadie, please, please, stop this, “ I am begging you!”“Mam!, Mam!,  called what sounded like a   man’s husky  voice.  “Can you hear me, mam?”, the man, called out to her once again. “ Ah, yes”,  I said trying to stay calm.   “Good,” he said in a calming tone.  As he continued speaking, I began to fall in and out of consciousness.     I thought of happier times.   I began to see my daughter’s precious face and how happy she made me.   However, it was then that I began to gain this horrible feeling inside of me. “ Keyla! Darling, please come to mommy!” “ Sadie!”  Sadie!” please!” come on now”! “ Give me the baby, now, or I swear!”  All of a sudden,  there was so much screaming, and I felt like I had fallen from  the sky, and I felt my body quivering with so much pain. “ Oh Keyla, Keyla!”  “my sweet girl, Mommy is not going to lose you, I love you!”  All of a sudden, I felt very cold and scared.    I still did not understand what was happening.  I tried to gather some answers, however I was getting more and more tired and weak.  Silence,  was all I heard.  I began to wonder if I was losing my mind.  





















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