Battered Mind excerpt Introduction

Sadie Carlyle awoke in a state of despair when she finally opened her eyes, and noticed that 
she was lying in what appeared to be a large hospital bed.   Then,  she  immediately began 
screaming very loudly.  She was so out of control that a strong sedative was required to calm her 
down.   Her long red hair looked so dry, as the sedative took immediate effect.  It was not too 
long before her greenish eyes began to close again, her skin looked so pale as the nurse applied 
an soft pillow under her neck.   This had been an intense few day for Sadie.   Her emotions   
were so intense that you could see the puffiness in her swollen eyes from all the non-stop 
crying.   It was so hard to believe that Sadie was once a very attractive green eyed 
red head that captivated a room with her profound beauty.  After a few minutes the nurse noticed 
that Sadie was bleeding from her nose.   As this was going on, the nurse quickly called the 
doctor .   In the meantime Sadie still  asleep began  to let her mind get whisked away.  
  “Here he comes again screaming at me always  terrifying me why 
can’t he see that he is hurting me!”
“Mrs. Carlyle , Mrs. Carlyle!” called a man in a dark suit.  Suddenly, Sadie was no longer in  
the hospital bed.   She was in a courtroom.  Her heart was racing and she appeared 
very agitated and confused.   However, she decided to take a deep breath to calm her 
nerves.   As always once again her thoughts run away with her.. 
Sadness is approaching it feels very dark-  I feel it pulling me closer 
to the end of a cliff and then I am drowning!”
Can you please answer the question now,  said the impatient District Attorney.  As he
 paced back and forth you could hear the silence in the packed room.   She tried to stay 
focus and not let her thoughts run away with her again.  Well, Ms. Carlyle, he stated 
once more.  Sadie took a deep breath and then said,  “Yes I am so sorry Mr. Mason”, 
she  began to say said in a rather soft and apologetic tone.
 “ Please forgive me, again”  she said. “ You see I am rather nervous being up here and 
talking about such a traumatic event and I was letting my nerves run away with me, Do 
you mind repeating the question?   He paused and then once again asked, “ What 
happened on the night of May 27, 2010?”  “Now I hope that was clear enough for you!” 
he added in a more sarcastic tone.  Charles Mason had been a District Attorney for the 
State of North Carolina for 16 years now and he was known to win all of his cases.  The 
man had been divorced three times and finally said that he just was not going to let a 
woman bury him, even if it meant he end up alone.  However, he was fair in matters of 
the law and just wanted to get to the truth.   “ Well, on the day you are referring to!” Sadie 
continued and then after a brief pause then blurted out “ I killed my husband!”   As she said that, 
the court room went into a big uproar. 
   This is when the presiding  Judge Vicente Mikos knocked on his gavel and asked 
everyone  to quiet down.  “ Please!”,   Silence he urged.  “ Now, please continue 
Ms. Carlyle.”  Again, She began to let her thoughts get away from her again.  

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