Part one

Sadie Carlyle awoke in a state of despair when she finally opened her eyes, and noticed that she was lying in what appeared to be a large hospital bed.   Then,  she  immediately began screaming very loudly.  She was so out of control that a strong sedative was required to calm her down.   Her long red hair looked so dry, as the sedative took immediate effect.  It was not too long before her greenish eyes began to close again, her skin looked so pale as the nurse applied an soft pillow under her neck.   This had been an intense few day for Sadie.   Her emotions were so intense that you could see the puffiness in her swollen eyes from all the non-stop crying.   It was so hard to believe that Sadie was once a very attractive green eyed red head that captivated a room with her profound beauty.  After a few minutes the nurse noticed that Sadie was bleeding from her nose.   As this was going on, the nurse quickly called the doctor .   In the meantime Sadie still  asleep began  to let her mind get whisked away.  


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