Chapter 7 Confessions


Intimate revelations about a person’s private life or occupation.

It was very early in the morning when Jackson boarded the red eye to Raleigh North  Carolina.    He was very anxious to get to the hospital to be with Lila and his daughter Sadie.   As he sat on the plane, he began to recall the moment that Sadie told him that she would be moving in with Dante.    “ Daddy I have some news”, she said excitedly.  “ Oh he said in a happy tone”.  Is this about Law School?“ Well not exactly”, she said nervously.  “Okay, what do you mean  by not exactly Sadie ? “  Well I am moving in with Dante”, she said in a high pitched tone.“ What, he gasped and then said,   “ you are moving in with that weasel  and what about Law school”?“ Please Daddy understand”, “ I love Dante and  he feels the same”.“ Hunny, he is not right for you”, I can sense it.  “ Well I am sorry you feel that way”, “but I am still moving in with him”. Jackson  was so caught up in his own thoughts, that he did not notice , that the plane had  landed and that almost all passengers were  all out.    “ Ah Sir is everything alright”,  said the young flight attendant.   “ Oh yes it is, I am sorry I was too busy readingmy paper and did not notice we were here already”.    As he said that he quickly grabbed his carry on bag and preceded on to check with the rental service for his car.

Meanwhile in another part of town,  Lila Reece Martin sat patiently next to her daughter Sadie as she slept.   Lila was so distressed about the threats made by the district attorney Charles Mason, that she barely slept.   As Lila  grabbed  a quick cup of coffee, she was so relieved to hear from the Doctor on staff that Sadie’s prognosis was improving.   However, Lila was also informed that once Sadie woke up she would begetting a psychiatric evaluation and then be ready to begin  the trial.     “  Oh Sadie why did this have to happen to you, my dear daughter”.   She had just finished on her last sip of her coffee cup when Jackson came into the room.   “ Darlin”, he said as hehugged her tightly.    “ Oh Jackson, hunny so glad you are here now” she said as she held on to him tightly.   “ There, There he said.   “ So how is Sadie  this morning”? he asked in a much concerned tone.   “ Well she is getting better and stronger, and the doctor wants her to get a psychiatric evaluation once she wakes up, and eats.   As Lila, said this Jackson shook his head,  “ “I can not believe they are putting our baby  through all of this.”    Sadie could hear the conversation between her parents, and decided that for the time being she just wanted to rest and then decided not to let them know just yet that she had woken up.   As she continued to overhear them, she let her own thoughts run away with her.   “ Oh Dante,  I love you so so much and I am so excited that we will be together now”. “ Oh Sadie, I love you too, baby!  ( In the background you could hear a church bell ringing. 

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