Chapter 2 Revisiting the case ( Excerpt)

The room was pitched dark, and you could hear the phone ringing very loudly.   However, there was no answer that night of May 27, 2009 at the Carlyle residence.    This is when the neighbor retired Nurse  Agatha Lane called the authorities.   Ms. Lane lived alone and never married and took a liking to the Carlyle’s.  Sadie and Ms. Lane  became instant friends and she also extended her help to them when they needed care for their daughter.  In her frantic call she just said she had heard a gunshot and believed some intruders had broken into the home.  This is when the authorities were alerted and they went straight to the scene of the crime.  The large Mansion  was located in North Raleigh.  This was a very private and secluded area.  Both  Dante and Sadie  were part of a very wealthy class with both of them belonging to families that had inherited millions.  Dante’s father Douglas was a very wealthy financial investor in the North Carolina area , and his mother Dorotea a very well known Art Dealer.


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